Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Changes!

We brought into class all of the materials that we bought for our game to see how they fit with the game board, and if we need to make any other changes.

  • We decided to use sharks solely as blockades that players will have to get around to make it onto the island. They will no longer be used as food. We decided where to place our shark figurines, and we plan on adjusting the game board, to mark off where the sharks should be placed. Your turn ends when you hit a shark--any of the grids that a shark is on.

  • We will be using little pirate figurines--one to represent each player. Players will put their pirate on the grid that they were last at on their previous turn.

  • We decided to put few amounts of gems on the board, and group the gems together in different regions on the island, to make it more difficult for players to reach each gem. To win the game, we decided that a player would need to collect one of each gem.

  • Regarding our lifelines, fish will be the only source of food. Players will have to make sure that they have enough food to sustain life. Each turn, if players do not capture any food, they move down their lifeline 1 spot. If they captured a fish, they will be able to increase their life by 3 spots on their lifeline. If you die on your lifeline, you must return to the ship and clear the board of your territory markers. You still have the gems you have collected, but must start a new trail from your ship.

  • We decided to add another aspect to battling. When pirates are in direct contact (next to each other on the game board), a player may choose to battle the pirate that they are next to, given it is their turn. The battle will consist of each player rolling a die--whoever rolls the higher number wins the battle. If the player wins the battle against their opponent, they get to choose whether they want to steal one of their opponent's resources, or take away their opponent's next turn. If their opponent has no resources, then they will lose their next turn.

More game changes...

In class today, we brought in a tentative paper game board and temporary pieces, to test out our game. When our classmates played our game, we came up with many changes and alterations that would need to be made. We realized that our game instructions might be a little too confusing and elaborate. In order to fix this, we came up with the following changes:

-Make the resources on the island different gems (rubies/sapphires/diamonds, etc.)

-When battling, there should be certain consequences/rewards if you win or lose the battle
  • We may not battle for food or resources anymore

  • We are thinking about using battling as a way to cross an opponent's path--if a player wins a battle, they will get their opponent's piece of territory, cross their path, and continue their turn. If a player loses a battle, they lose the rest of their turn as well
-We decided to get game pieces to resemble the resources/food.
  • Actual fish and shark pieces to put over those food spots

  • Pieces that resemble gems to place over the treasures on the island

-We may want less rolling in the game to make the game play shorter.

By next class, we hope to buy the pieces we need for our game, so we can test out the revisions that we have made.
* A tentative name for our game is Pirate Quest.

Figuring out the specifics of our game...

In today's class, we were trying to finalize the specifics of our game play. We want to incorporate enough chance and strategy into the game, to keep players' interests. We also decided to add a life line, so that players would have an incentive to catch food, in order to sustain life. First, we had to come up with an appropriate story line. We changed our game into a pirate themed board game, where 4 pirates compete to find the hidden treasure on our island. We decided to have 4 different resources that the pirates would be competing to find:
We will have different amounts of each treasure dispersed on our board. Each corner of the board will have pirate ships, with different color flags, to represent each player/team.

*Our game will be using the new rules that we came up with last class. When we actually play our game next week, we will be able to decide if anything needs to be changed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Name? Game Play? Story Line?

We are still trying to decide on a name for our grid game. Our 3 ideas are:
-Island Discovery
-Exploration Domination

New Game Play-
We tried to incorporate more strategy into our game. Each player/team will start in one of the four corners of the game board. Corners will be distinguished so that players will know which corner they are starting in. Players must roll a 3 or 6 on each turn in order to mark off a square of territory. During each turn, players will roll a pair of dice, and they will be able to mark a piece of a the board with each 3 or 6 that they roll. Each player can move horizontally or vertically on the game board; diagonal moves are not allowed. When players place markers down, they must be connecting to previously placed markers. These will represent the player's territory that they have acquired. Each players can try to protect their corner, which contains their resources, so that other players do not attack, or try to steal their opponent's resources. When building onto territory, players will try to gain resource squares. Once they have captured a resource, they will place a special marker on that grid, claiming it as theirs, and will receive a resource card, stating the amount of points they have gained from that individual resource. Resources, like territory, can only be claimed by rolling a 3 or a 6.

**We're still trying to think of a different story line to go along with our game.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quest Game Board

Today's discussion in class basically revolved around the game board.
Options for changes to the board that the group came up with:
  • show point value - either on the board, itself, or on a separate card
  • make multiple resources count towards making an item worth more value...for example, wood+stones+vines=a spear
  • adding an ultimate resource to the board such as a diamond that has a higher point value...player must land right on the square and roll a 3 or 6